Join a Special Group of Athletes and be a part of An American Tradition!

Join our nation's mile racing community. Be a part of the action and celebrate an American Tradition!

About MileUSA

MileUSA™ provides participants with fun, health affirming, and motivating mile fitness events that raise needed funds for their favorite charities. The mile events are implemented by local running groups including high schools, community colleges, & universities which also receive a portion of the entry proceeds. In addition, 15% of every entry fee will go toward the participant's charity of choice.

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Mile Times Determine Life Expectancy

A study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, experts examined heart disease risk of 45 – 55 – and 65-year-old men on their active level and risk factors such as age, systolic blood pressure, diabetes, total cholesterol and smoking habits. Experts determined that low levels of fitness in men aged 45-65 are [...]

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Champions for Charity
Race Results

The MileTrials™ Champions for Charity event was a huge success. Olympic qualifiers even joined in on the event, casual runners had a great time, and everyone involved posted excellent times.

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