Mile Trials™ Champions for Charity

Experience the Magic of the Mile!

Here is your chance to run a fast mile under optimal conditions. The mile is a perfect balance of speed and endurance. Use your mile time to improve your training and become a better athlete, no matter what your sport! Running the Mile Trials™ will give you an opportunity to shine! Your participation can lead to better fitness and health, new friends, recognition, and the satisfaction of knowing you did your very best!

Invite your teammates, friends, and family! Age categories start at 10 years old and go up to 85+. We’ve added a Wounded Warriors division! With over 25 age-group categories for each gender there’s a place for everyone at the Mile Trials™.

Join our nation’s mile community, be a part of the action and celebrate an American tradition!


June 16, 2012 ~ 9am-6pm


Los Angeles & Palo Alto ~ California